Personal Training.

There are all sorts of reasons for wanting to improve our fitness, whether it is health reasons, weight loss, muscle gain, quality of life, the list goes on. Personal training sessions will focus on your individual goals, not only putting together a personalised exercise programme, but also taking into account your lifestyle to achieve the best possible results. I understand 1-1 training is not always an affordable option, give me a call to talk about small group sessions to share the cost without compromising on the personalised training.

I run personal training sessions from Par Athletics Track, during our sessions my clients will have access to the gym and athletics track for no additional cost! The gym is kitted out with plenty of free weights, CV machines and plenty more to help you hit whatever you fitness goals may be. It was added during a relatively recent refurbishment of the old athletics club house, there’s also shower and changing facilities available, as well as a great cafe which adjoins the gym.