Sports Massage.

Since August 2014 I have had success with a number of patients that have been suffering unnecessarily, I hope to help you achieve the same results.

Who’s it for?

Put simply, anyone! You don’t have to be a sportsman or women to qualify, there are many muscular aches and pains that can be caused through everyday life, and could be easier to solve than you may think. I’ve had several patients that think their pain is something they just have to put up with… though I’m glad to say they saw fast if not immediate improvements.

For those of you that are keen sports people, sports massage is a very useful tool in both enhancing your performance and aiding quick, effective recovery whether it be from general training or injury.

You can come to see me in clinic at Fitness Factory Lostwithiel, alternatively I can come to you, whether it’s at home or work, you’ll be able to get sports massage where it’s convenient. This makes it easier to keep yourself moving freely, without unnecessary pain.