Strength & Conditioning.

Who’s it for?

This is for the sportsman or woman that wants to take their sporting ability to the next level. The aim when putting together a programme is to make you as physically efficient as possible, which allows you to get more out of what you put in and when the time comes to compete, you’ll be ready! I’ve been lucky enough to gain experience with professional rugby teams in the past, some examples of current S&C clients disciplines include marathon running, rugby, fencing, sprinting, obstacle courses, football, triathlon, iron man, cricket, roller derby, surfing, wind surfing, sailing…

The process starts with what is call a ‘needs analysis’, simply it breaks down and identifies what the physical attributes you need to excel in your given sport are.

Once that’s established you will be analysed in comparison to them, areas for improvement can then be highlighted and personal goals set. This is the most important part of developing a programme as this is the basis for everything you will be doing.