Can’t recommend Chris highly enough. Had a reoccurring back injury that last time took 9 months to sort out. After three sessions with Chris and being given an exercise program to follow between sessions in less than a month I was back on the bike and riding without any pain at all.


I was so nervous to start training with Chris but I really had no need to be. He is absolutely brilliant at his job. I have had 8 sessions with Chris and I feel so much fitter and have built more confidence in myself. I’m excited to be booking in more sessions too. So if your looking for an excellent personal trainer who will help you smash your targets, Chris is your man.


My boys have been training with Chris for the past 5 weeks and I’ve noticed a change not only in their physical ability but mental attitude- more stamina and more relaxed and determined – parents at rugby have also commented on the changes they have seen – Thanks Chris for getting my teenagers back on track!


I attend classes run by Chris. I trust his judgement as he is very knowledgeable in relation to health and fitness. He has really has helped with my fitness levels and strength. I also go and have a sports massage with Chris, my legs were very tight at the back from running. Chris has really helped with this. I would recommend Chris highly for his professionalism!


I started training with Chris about 4 months ago. He has been amazing with helping me to have a positive, healthy attitude toward exercise and diet. I have lost weight and gained strength. My children aged 9 and 10 also train with Chris. They are currently going from strength to strength competing in a variety of sports at county and national level. Thank you.


I was keen to start training with Chris a long time ago, however, I was so nervous about starting any kind of personal training and kept putting it off, my boss and his family booked me in for 5 sessions with Chris as a birthday present, I was petrified! Of course when I got there and started I had no reason what so ever to be nervous, Chris was very professional and thorough throughout the first session and I knew then that I had to book more sessions, I got my sister and best friend to come along and they also love it! Chris has a great way of motivating and encouraging you even when you’re ready to quit, I have done 16 sessions so far and have no plans to give it up yet, I would 100% recommend Chris to anyone and everyone, any shape, size and ability.


So after 18months away from the gym, I’m sure you can all imagine the dread I felt! I knew to get myself fit again the only way forward would be a personal trainer! First time back at the gym is always scary, however Chris completely changed my outlook on it, everyone starts somewhere and he adapts everything to your capabilities! Chris is extremely professional and knowledgeable and motivated me from the get go! He supports you from the minute you start, to the sweaty out of breathe minute you finish! Almost 10 sessions in and I feel so much better about myself and will 100% be signing up for more! If you are looking for a trainer who is fun, motivating and full of knowledge Chris is your guy- couldn’t recommended him enough!